Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Day 7- Off to Petrolandia

Today is Sunday, and we begin our seven hour bus ride to Petrolandia from Recife. The scenery is beautiful, filled with mountains, lush fields, cows, goats, chickens, colorful houses, palm trees and cactus. We are all looking forward to being on-sight with the lens making lab for the first time. We are planning to see 450 children each day for the next three.

Our hotel in Petrolandia is very rustic and has lots of character. Some of us had to evict large spiders or gecko from our rooms before moving in. Our hotel is very remote and on a lake. We live with ostrich, very large fast black chickens, poisonous toads (which will spit their poison into your eyes if threatened), goats, wild dogs, cats, pet cows, and a rooster that gets up very early. Breakfast is outside next to the ostrich corral, and is the same authentic local cuisine we have become accustomed to.

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