Thursday, September 10, 2009

Day Three

Day Three

We had a very busy day in the clinic and lab. We saw approximately 200 children, and they were bussed in from villages surrounding Arcoverde. Many children mentioned that they did not feel well on the unpaved dirt road ride in the bus, but it was not the bumpy ride making them a little queasy, it was the air-conditioning! None of them have air conditioning in their homes, and were confused by it in the bus.It was a bit slow in the morning, and all the children were well behaved at the clinic, quiet, shy and polite. After lunch the pace picked up, and at the most at any station, we had maybe 10 children in line at a time.
At dinner we had a five piece band with singers and dancers who performed for us throughout our meal. Three of the dancers were little children with loud, wooden sandals on, and they would use their shoes while dancing to add to the percussion of the music.

A happy clinic story:
Over the past four years while working at the CSC, I have watched many OneSight (GTGOS) videos. I have sat through the stories recounted by past clinic members of the emotional reaction from recipients we have helped all over the world many times. And I will admit, I have teared up at some point during each one. I always wanted to have a story of my own to tell.As I was assisting Roberta (an Ophthalmologist from the FAV, and one of our hosts) with a visual acuity test, it was brought to my attention that a 9 year old little girl with a negative 12 sphere in each eye had just come through the line. Another Doctor wondered if we would be able to create a high index for her even though it is typically more costly. As it turns out, yes we can. Hoping to get the first success story for the blog, Roberta and I found the girl outside with a bunch of other children who just finished picking out their new frames.
Her name is Lais, and when she learned that we are the both helping her get new glasses, she and all of her friends gave us hugs and pulled us to them to talk to them. The children asked why I couldn't speak to them in Portuguese, and when I spoke English, they would laugh. Lais was particularly friendly,and would grab my face and pull me close to talk to her. Roberta told me that she had to put her face within a couple of inches of my own because she can´t see. That was the point where it hit home for me that this precious little girl was as blind as many of these other people we help all over the world, and I was having the same type of moment I´ve heard about many times before. Lais was so happy and grateful at just the thought of getting glasses, and that we sought her out to speak with her about her experience. She signed her name in my journal, and held the book up to her nose to see what she was writing. I hope every single person on my team gets to experience a moment that touches their soul like Lais did mine. I couldn´t help but be moved by the fact that this 9 year old child displayed more appreciation and excitement for something that she has not even received yet, than we do for the things we are blessed to have and may take for granted.

Shout Outs:
Connie S to husband James, "I´m working hard to keepin touch with hubbie. Sorry I can´t call, love ya!"

Denise D. to Savannah, "Mommy loves you!"

Troy M. to Priya, "I love you, and I miss you. Kiss Balin for me."
Troy M. to 3 sons, " I love you, and I hope school is going well."

Brandy C, "Hugs and kisses to my other half Joe, my parents in Mustang, OK, and my sisters and family in Dundalk , MD. Happy 9th birthday to Kasey, and happy birthday also to George. Hello to my family and friends in Maryland and South Carolina! Hello to my peers in Region 52 and to my store 4516"

Tani, "Hello all my CSC buddies!! I wish you were here too, having a blast and really getting the clinic experience I wished for"

Good night. More tomorrow.

"Every action in our lives touches on some chord that will vibrate in eternity." -Edwin Hubbel Chapin

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  1. Hey Troy!!
    I hope you are having a fabulous time. Wish I were in Brazil! Keep making a difference for all those kids at the clinic.
    Jane Herman