Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Day Five and Six

On day five we arrived in Recife and toured an old prison that was converted into a mall. Each old cell is now a shopping stall. We also toured some of the islands surrounding Recife and did some shopping.

On day six we had a free day, and traveled an hour or so to Porto de Galinhas (Port of Chickens). The story goes that when the slaves were brought to Brazil, they brought many chickens with them, and so now the town has large, painted chicken statues scattered throughout. They also have a lovely beach, where we did not have to worry about sharks (unlike in Recife). While at the beach we were able to drink from whole coconuts while we waited for our artwork to be created by the artistic children. As we would sun ourselves on the beach, vendors tried to sell us such goods as whole lobsters, cashews, oysters, shrimp, beach clothing, henna tattoos, you name it, they had it. Even if we had a full plate in front of us, they tried to sell us more food.

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