Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Day 8:- Day One, Petrolandia Clinic

Today we began our 2nd week of clinic in Petrolandia, and when it was over we had examined 450 children. Mark Lyons and the Lux media team (Jeff and Kim) arrived to document the clinic today as well as Brazil Luxottica team. We were anxious to tell them all we have experienced up until now.
Our clinic/local school location is very old, and has bad wiring, so the regular use of our electronics and machines caused the fuses to blow a few times. Luckily an electrician was on hand to fix our issues before they put us behind schedule. Despite our electrical issues, we were still able to edge over 80 glasses today- while working on only two machines.

A gentleman who lives next to the clinic received a special delivery of new eyeglasses tonight after clinic. Messias is a worker at the school/clinic and needed replacement glasses which we were able to easily make for him. After clinic in the pitch black of night, we walked over the sand to deliver them to him and take some pictures of him in his new eyewear. He was very grateful for the glasses and delivery and was touched. With no city lights anywhere around, every star in the sky is visible, although we have yet to spot the moon in the night sky.


  1. You guys are awesome!! Your stories have touched our hearts.Your service to the people of Brazil will live on.
    Dr. Dave Oebker

  2. You are doing a wonderful job of sharing your experiences! Thanks so much and keep working to help those that need it the most.